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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We are all seeds...

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

These poignant words were written in 1943 by a young, 13-year-old girl, while hiding from the German police in a secret room in Amsterdam. Sixty-seven years later, Anne Frank’s passionate words take on new meaning and purpose as we experience in our own community the challenges of economic uncertainty, including the continuing saga of the “rich get rich and the poor get poorer.”

At such junctures in the ethical and moral fabric of our socioeconomic and political venues, I am reminded of the lyrics sung by county singer Kathy Mattea: “We’re all seeds in God’s hands, we start the same but where we land is sometimes fertile ground and sometimes sand. We’re all seeds in God’s hands.

We are indeed blessed to be some of God’s seeds that landed on fertile ground. We share our harvest in the form of time, talent or treasure. We live in the spirit of abundance, when the winter of our discontent seems to surround us in our daily lives.

We must celebrate the fact that as individuals, we are members of a fertile society that gives more than $300 billion each year to improve the world – with one third coming from households with annual incomes under $100,000.

In the 20th century there was high-tech education of the head. In the 21st century, we have high-touch education of the heart. With education of the heart comes the ability, and for many, the passion and zest to live life rich in positive values of emotional and intellectual discernment. Rich in self-knowledge – the emotional intelligence that honors the beauty of interconnectivity and interdependence. Every cause has an effect, every action a pebble dropped into a pond, radiating ripples in all directions. Abundance is energy and wealth from within – wealth from our soul that transcends adversity.

It is not material assets we acquire, but rather the environment we create – moving from conspicuous consumption to conspicuous compassion to create the world we want to live in, find deep joy and contentment, and accomplish great things - bountiful, joyous balance that we can give back.

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